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I have seen a lot of sunsets as you can see in my other works but this one is definetily the best I have ever seen indeed, and thank God I was prepared to take the shot of it, the best reward after a tiredness for climbing so high was catching this sunset, the most beautiful one ever…
The colours are matching like made in heaven and the view instead of taking your breath away it fulfills you with life and joy, you focus so much on enjoying the view you can’t even notice there’s a person standing on the left corner…
I was there with some of my friends and it was really dangerous because we were climbing a rock with 600m altitude, not just climbing but we were also standing there and enjoying…
The photography is made of 4 photos meaning that 2 from each side, in one side one photo has the foreground as a base and the other one has the highlights, the same is in the other side, and after that each of the photos is repaired with manualblending, later on this export, the two final photos get matched together as a panoramic photography of one photo, but it still had a lot of work and repairs until it came out as it is now.

Location: Skopje, Macedonia

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