Author: Martith

I'm Martith, a hobbyist digital artist. I make mostly paintings and photomanipulations. I gladly work on landscapes full of nature, I can also paint animals less and more realistically. I'm still trying to improve my skills and introduce more details into my works. I like challenges. When working, I always try to focus on lights, shadows, patterns, textures and different styles to interpret, describe and illustrate the desired vision. I'm trying my best to make a work not just focused on generating an aesthetically correct setting, but, and above all, the ability to generate impressions and particular states of mind in each of the pieces of work. My main purpose is expressing different moods or abstract ideas, like innocence, sadness, passion, euphoria, suffering, reverence, tenderness, elegance, mystery, love and fear. My work has to show the effort and quality - not just picking the pencil and painting something that’s not only similar to desired vision, but something also being able to produce feelings and emotions in recipients.